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About Us

BY · 2019-09-25 14:57

Founded in 1932, the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures (SFLC) has now grown into one of the largest schools of humanities at Chongqing University. The mission of SFLC is to cultivate high-level foreign language professionals with multi-disciplinary knowledge and international expertise. It is now one of the finest research and education centers for the study of foreign languages, literature and culture in Southwest China.

The School’s reputation for excellence keeps growing as it continues to improve its curriculum, teaching methods and educational technology to meet the challenges of China’s rapid social and economic development. Every year, large numbers of qualified young graduates find their positions in the fields of foreign affairs, foreign trade, tourism, finance, education, publishing and culture.

The School offers three undergraduate programs (i.e., English Studies, Japanese Studies, German Studies), six master’s programs (i.e., MA in English Language and Literature, MA in Japanese Language and Literature, MA in Linguistics, MA in Applied Linguistics, MA in Translation Studies, MA in ESP and Business English Studies, Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Master of Translation and Interpreting), one PhD program (i.e., PhD in Language, Cognition and Smart Computing) in collaboration with the School of Computer Science, and a variety of English courses for non-English majors at Chongqing University. The School has established a Research Center of Language Cognition and Language Application. Over the past five years, the College has undertaken more than 30 scientific research projects, among which are 11 National Social Science Foundation including one major project of the Social Science Foundation and two key projects. The corresponding research funds amount to 4 million yuan. The past five years also saw great achievements in various awards including three research awards and three teaching achievement awards sponsored by the provincial government and the Ministry of Education. Especially, Professor Li Yongyi's translation of The Complete Poetry of Horace won the 7th Lu Xun Prize for Literature in 2018. Research work also soared in the past five years. 117 papers were published in important international and domestic academic journals, of which more than 10 were indexed by SSCI, more than 50 by CSSCI, and more than 50 books and textbooks were published.

The School is well equipped with advanced facilities, including a Language E-Learning Center, a satellite TV receiving system, and state-of-the-art language laboratories and interpreting suites.

In keeping with Chongqing University’s internationalization strategy, the School has established partnerships with schools and universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany and Japan, as well as in China’s Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions.