English Department

English Department

BY · 2017-06-30 10:33

The English Department of School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Chongqing University, was developed from the Department of Foreign Languages in the College of Arts in 1932. At the beginning of its establishment, the department hired many famous scholars from home and abroad, such as Prof. Wu Mi, an expert specialized in Foreign Literatures and A Dream of Red Mansions, Prof. Zhu Wenzhen, an expert specialized in Shakespeare, and Prof. Zhou Kaocheng, an English phonetic expert.

After the adjustment of departments in 1952, faculty of Foreign Languages were re-arranged to the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Office. In 1978, Chongqing University began to recruit undergraduates majoring in English and prepare English teachers for university. In 1985, the institution of the Department of Foreign Languages was resumed, with Prof. Han Qishun, a national expert, being the director of the department. In the following year, the department continued to enroll English major undergraduates. In 1995, the School of Foreign Languages, Chongqing University, was established with the English Department being its largest department. In May 2000, the new English Department was established based on the mergence of the previous department and the English Department of former Chongqing Architecture University.

Among 24 teachers,in the English Department there are 14 professors and associate professors. Two professors were recruited from “The New Century Excellent Talents in University of the Ministry of Education”. Half of the teachers obtained the doctor’s degrees. In recent years, the English Department has made remarkable achievements in terms of teaching, research and talent development. It has obtained over 50 projects, supported by the National Social Science Program Fund, the Humanity and Social Science Program Fund of the Ministry of Education, and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities. Over 100 academic papers were accepted and published by the authoritative journals, A&HCI, and CSSCI. In addition, 10 academic monographs, 8 translated works, and 7 textbooks were published. The English Department has made progress in research fields of English poetry, English fiction, English drama, literature and media, comparative literature, and western culture.

The English Speciality was ranked as “Five Star Speciality” in “the 2014-2015 Chinese University Ranking of Undergraduate Competitiveness”. As the Advantage Speciality of Chongqing University and the Distinguished Speciality of Chongqing Municipality, the English Speciality was recruited in “the Three Distinguished” Speciality Construction Plan of Chongqing Municipality in 2015.